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It is, in the first place, a multi-year online program in philosophical studies (the only one that can help you practice philosophy instead of just repeating what other people, however illustrious, have said about it). Philosophy, however, by its own nature, is not a specialized kind of knowledge about a determinate class of objects: it is rather an integral activity of human intelligence which turns to all fields of knowledge and experience in search of their unity, foundation, and ultimate significance to human consciousness.

Hence, there are no limits to the amount of specialized knowledge that may become necessary, as auxiliary material, for learning and exercising philosophy: philosophical education is, also and inseparably, the opening of intelligence to the systemic totality of human knowledge.

For this reason, the Philosophy Seminar is also a system of integral education, opening its participants to the following fields of study, besides philosophy strictu sensu:

1 Comparative Religion

2 Fine Arts and Literature

3 Humanities

4 Natural Sciences

5 Language Arts

Such scope makes the Philosophy Seminar into a kind of general introduction to higher studies in their totality.

But that is not all.Fields_of_Study

As philosophy consists, above all, in unity of knowledge in the unity of consciousness, the m any fields of knowledge encompassed by the Philosophy Seminar do not constitute a sum total of unconnected elements, but rather the synthetic view of the organic unity of human knowledge.

Thanks to that approach, the Philosophy Seminar also becomes theory and practice of interdisciplinary knowledge.

But nonetheless, philosophy can never be a mere professional or academic activity, disconnected from the personal innermost nature of him who carries it out. Philosophy is, by definition, exercise of self-consciousness, which systematically seeks out the nexuses between knowing, being, and acting, in the unity of the philosopher’s individual consciousness.

The unity of knowing, being, and acting is the goal of all philosophy: it is the conquest of wisdom.

By constantly searching for the nexus between knowledge and self-consciousness, a philosopher (or, what it is exactly the same: a philosophy student) submits to the discipline of sincerity, which becomes, in a certain, gradual, and slow manner, a path of spiritual self-discipline: the development of the personal sense of truth.

In addition to that, since human intelligence does not develop in a more or a less according to the fictitious rates of some innate IQ, or according to such-and-such supposedly invincible environmental determinations, but only according to each man’s greater or lesser resolve towards searching for truth and integrating it into the structures of his personality and the lines of his manner of acting, the Philosophy Seminar also becomes a method for developing individual intelligence.

Here is what the Philosophy Seminar is:

1º A program in philosophical studies

2º A system of integral education

3º A general introduction to higher studies

4º A theory and practice of inter-disciplinarity

5º A path of spiritual ascesis

6º A method for developing personal intelligence

In case those six objectives look far too great to be attained all at once, the Philosophy Seminar itself will show you that it is not possible to attain any of them separately: philosophy, integral education, broadening of the cognitive horizon, unity of knowledge, spiritual ascesis founded upon self-consciousness, and development of human intelligence are just six names of only one and the same thing.

The Philosophy Seminar cannot promise to give you any of them, because none of them can possibly be received as a gift. It only promises to show you the way for conquering and appropriating them for ever.

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